Are you ready to overcome the challenges of breathtaking Predelica?

Predelica Gorge is one of the longest gorges around Bovec. The stream originates high in the Mangart mountain and flows into the Koritnica river near the village of Log pod Mangartom. The difficulty of Predelica Canyoning is comparable to Fratarica. It offers a numerous entertainment options - from swimming, jumping into crystal clear pools and descending the ropes accompanied by mighty waterfalls to exploring the hidden corners of the untouched nature of the Triglav National Park. The picturesque view of the famous Loka walls and the idyllic village of Strmec will surely be engraved in your memory forever. The Predelica canyon is thus suitable for people with previous canyoning experience or for active beginners who are well-prepared and have no fear of heights.

Predelica Canyon

Predelica stream originates high in the Mangart mountain, which can also be seen from the road when driving from Bovec towards the Predel pass. The emerald clear water of Predelica is just a small piece of the mosaic that belongs to picturesque and wild landscape of the high-mountainous Julian Alps. In the winter when the temperatures drops well below zero, its fairy-tale frozen waterfalls start to invite fearless ice climbers. But in milder seasons, the torrent offers other ways of entertainment, including Predelica canyoning.

In lower Predelica canyon, there are different possibilites of enjoying this amazing experience. Right on the threshold of entering the canyon, we’re firstly greeted by mighty boulders. A few years ago, there was a devastating landslide that erupted from the mountain to the village of Log pod Mangartom and left behind the devastation that is still visible today, which is why use of rope is necessary in this part of the canyon. Most of the time we are accompanied by various waterfalls, which make the tour even more beautiful. The grand finale awaits at the end of the Predelica canyon in a form of a divine 40-meter waterfall that will surely impress even the most indifferent guests! After a demanding but fulfilling adventure, we finish the tour in the village of Log pod Mangartom.

The interesting fact about Predelica is that due to devastating landslide in 2000, canyoning has not been possible for quite some time. Over the years, the water has cleared it up the debris and thus prepared new challenges for all canyoning enthusiasts.

About Predelica Canyoning experience…

We gather at our base, which is located 200m outside Bovec in the direction of Vršič. At the information point (Planet bar) we complete all the formalities, followed by a presentation of our canyoning guide, who will distribute all the equipment you need to experience the magic of Predelica canyon.

Equipment includes:

  • special canyoning boots
  • thicker wetsuit
  • helmet
  • canyoning harness

After that there is an approximately 25-minute drive to the entry point, followed by a 45-minute hike in the swimsuits (we recommend that you already have a swimsuit under your clothes). Before entering the canyon, our guides explain safety protocols and the course of canyoning.

Then you quickly change into canyoning equipment and you’re all set to embark on a 2-3h adventure, filled with multiple jumps, slides and waterfall descents.

You can safely leave all your clothes and personal belongings in the van, which later awaits you at the exit point to take you back to our base.

Important Information

  • LOCATIONPredelica (Log pod Mangartom)
  • DURATION4 h - 5 h, in the canyon 1.5 h - 2.5 h
  • WHEN?every day between 15.3. and 31.10.
  • WHO IS IT FOR?for people with previous experience in canyoning, for beginners who are physically fit and have no fear of heights
  • REQUIREMENTSswimming skills, if you have any health problems or recent injuries, you should consult with us before the activity
  • WHAT DO I NEED?swimwear, towel, dry clothes
  • MINIMUM AGE14 years
  • MEETING PLACE AND PARKINGAKTIVNI PLANET, Outdoor Sports Center, Industrijska cona 4, Bovec

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  • OFFICEAKTIVNI PLANET, Outdoor Activities, Trg golobarskih zrtev 19, Bovec

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  • low and high season90 €