General terms and conditions of Aktivni Planet d.o.o., information about reservations, time frames, and other details.


Aktivni Planet d.o.o., Industrijska cona 4, 5230 Bovec (hereinafter referred to as the provider) with its brand Aktivni Planet – Sports and Tourism Agency, accepts the following general terms of business. These terms must be respected by all who collaborate with us or are participants in activities offered by our company.


Article 1

Participants in activities are expected to be mentally and physically healthy, in appropriate physical condition, not under the influence of alcohol or other psychotropic substances, and able to swim independently.


Article 2

Limitations regarding participation in activities:

Minimum number of participants: 2 persons
Children up to 15 years of age must be accompanied by parents or guardians
Maximum allowed weight: women 100 kg, men 120 kg
Waist circumference for canyoning maximum 120cm


Article 3

The provider advises against participation in sports activities for pregnant women and people with health problems or injuries. Anyone with any problems related to asthma, allergies, or other health issues (including old injuries) must inform the provider before the start of the trip.


Article 4

The organized sports activity takes place from the arrival of guests at the meeting point until the end of the trip, which is the return to the same (meeting) point. The provider is not responsible for injuries occurring outside the course of the trip.


Article 5

In case of bad weather or other extraordinary circumstances, the provider reserves the right to cancel or interrupt an activity at any time, even if it has already begun. In this case, the participant is entitled to a partial refund of the reservation costs, as determined by the provider.


Article 6

In case of cancellation of the activity by the guest, after already receiving the mandatory equipment for the sports activity, they are not entitled to a refund of the reservation costs. Likewise, the participant is not entitled to a refund in case of a shorter trip or interruption of the activity due to poor physical fitness of the individual or detected presence of alcohol or other psychotropic substances.


Article 7

The participant is expected to consistently follow the guide's instructions throughout the entire activity. The participant must be aware that failure to follow the guide's instructions during the activity can be extremely dangerous for them and the entire group. In case of violations or non-compliance with instructions, the guide can interrupt the activity at any time. In this case, participants are not entitled to a refund of the paid reservation.


Article 8

Any injuries to participants that occur during the trip must be reported to the responsible person of the provider no later than the end of the activity. The injured person (or their co-participant in the activity) and the provider's representative jointly complete an accident report, which the injured person (or their co-participant in the activity) is obliged to sign personally. The provider or its personnel provides appropriate first aid to the injured person or refers them to a medical facility. The provider will not consider any injuries that were reported subsequently or for which an accident report was not completed.


Article 9

The provider reserves the right to collect photo and video material during its activities. All participants in the activities agree to the collection and storage of this data and allow the use of pictorial and video material for the provider's promotional purposes. Photographs and videos taken by the provider are the property of the provider. If a participant does not agree with the collection of photo and video material, they should inform the provider in writing before participating in the chosen activity.


Article 10

The provider assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items of participants.


Article 11

The provider reserves the right to charge for any damage, theft, or loss of equipment, props, and other items that the participant damages during the activity. The amount is determined by the provider's representative.


Article 12

Participants in activities must have appropriate insurance. We recommend suitable travel insurance that covers emergency medical assistance, bodily injuries, assistance with return to the home country, etc.


Article 13

Participants in activities are aware of the risks that each activity presents and still participate entirely voluntarily and at their own risk. Risks include injury, illness, and death. Participants agree that the provider and its personnel are not responsible for any damage to property, injuries, illness, or death of activity participants. The provider is also not responsible for any compensation that may arise for any reason.


Article 14

The provider publishes the prices of services in the price list, which is published on the website or on the provider's premises. The price represents the amount paid by each participant for a specific service. All prices are in Euros (€) and include VAT. The provider reserves the right to change prices.


Article 15

The paid deposit to confirm the reservation date is final and non-refundable.


Article 16

The provider independently offers rafting, zipline, canyoning, and kayak descent trips to guests. Other activities from the offer are carried out by the provider in cooperation with other providers.


Article 17

The provider reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions at any time and in any way, regardless of the reason and without prior notice.


Article 18

The provider protects all obtained personal data of participants in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


Article 19

For every guest who collaborates with the provider in any way or participates in activities, it is considered that they have read, understood, and fully agree with the General Terms and Conditions.


The advance payment is fully refunded when the reservation is canceled up to 48 hours before arrival. If the guest cancels the reservation less than 48 hours before arrival, the advance payment will not be refunded.