Srnica Caving

Join us on the most popular underground exploration of Bovec. Pure, raw and immaculate caving in the Bovec region. The path begins at the proximity of wonderful creek Gljun. The entrance to our beloved cave is hidden in the wall. We crouch and walk through an intricate system of tunnels and halls, which can be stifling at times and then suddenly douse us with cool yet pleasant air of the underground corridors. What a labyrinth! In some parts we rely on ropes, which enable us an easier advancing through it without getting lost. It takes a lot of luck, if you wish to keep your feet dry. The tunnel leads us to never-ending group of fossils and at this point, most of our visitors are already in love with Srnica. The faces are quickly caressed by a warm wind and simultaneously we behold daylight. We step to the small window in the mouth of the cave, which is 40 meters high in the rock and a beautiful view is revealed before us.

For icing on the cake, the adrenaline infused descent to safe grounds provides the exciting trip finish.

Lost time 3 to 4 hours.

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