Climbing School Soca

We offer lessons to complete beginners as well as intermediary and advance climbers. In a relaxed atmosphere each candidate progresses in his own best capability under our watchful eye. We will teach you all crucial and necessary skills to become an independent rock climber. We teach practically all existing climbing techniques, tying of knots, use of ropes, importance of quality gear and its characteristics and last but not least, how to mentally prepare for such endeavours. We can also recommend good literature and many more.

Climbing courses consist of individual approach with maximum of four candidates within a group. This is why we can easily adapt to your skills and expertise and thus carve a special programme, perfect for you. You will progress in the constant company of our instructors, which will show you around different climbing areas, if you chose the multi-day course. We offer special programmes for children, which include the favourite “slackline”. Naturally, we can also provide you with climbing gear, and that’s why climbing Bovec has never been so simple and fun at the same time.