Eskimo Roll

In ancient times, when Eskimos hunted for their food in the seas of the Arctic, the kayaking roll back to the surface was the only chance of survival, and that is why this move is still called the “eskimo”. One of the key figures in kayaking is precisely this roll back to the water surface, and once you master the “eskimo” your confidence will rise and your rowing will rapidly progress. Kayaking Soca, which will teach you the “eskimo” figure and a lot more, takes place on the Italian side of Predel, and we will also take you the magical lake in high mountains, settled in the rocky ring. Your kayaking instructor from Active Planet will awake your hidden talents within you which you didn’t even realise you possess, and thus you will be able to practice with our kayaks in Bovec and quickly master the “eskimo”.

Floattime approximately 1 hour.