Kayak School and Kayak Trips

The basics of kayaking can be learned with just a little effort, which will be paid back quick and increasingly with each contact of the kayak and water. For starters, a mere positive approach and adventure spirit suffices, and this knowledge can later be transferred to all parts of the world, since you’re your own master in kayak. Our kayak school and course will soothe and ground you with the sounds completely different to those of everyday stress, rush hours and officers, and thus really bring you closer to nature. These are the moments in which we share with friends the most indescribable feelings of aesthetics, elation, slight fear, and mostly joy. Kayaking offers a new way of life that spawns on Soca’s wild rivers from serene parts for beginners to technically very demanding sections and everything in between.

Kayak school is also adequately adjusted to smaller children, since our excellent kayaking teachers wish to share as much knowledge as they can in a fun way to all age groups. Again and again we will strive to present you new challenges.

Aktivni Planet offers a range of programs. From guided trips running about 1,5 hour on Soca to multi day kayakschools, each session spending 2 to 2,5 hours on Soca. After a 5 day kayakschool most students are comfortable on a guided descend Class III.